UTC Fire & Security

In addition to the 30 years of succesful cooperation with GE for Fire Alarm systems we are rapidly switching to UTC / GE  also for Security, Access Control & CCTV systems with integraded solution management software.

 Satellite If Distribution
SMATV – IRS (Integrated Reception Systems) where both the terrestrial and satellite IF signals are distributed in the network. A well balanced network is required carrying all terestrial and satallite signals from one or more dishes. 
The end user may receive all terrestrial signals without any additional equipment. To receive satellite signals a suitable satellite receiver is required. For subscription channels the end user has to subscribe to the provider(s) of his choice and use the suitable smart card / Sat receiver combination in the same manner as any other user that has a dish installed on the roof of his house. This system is suitable for apartment buildings and small villages.
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