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In addition to the 30 years of succesful cooperation with GE for Fire Alarm systems we are rapidly switching to UTC / GE  also for Security, Access Control & CCTV systems with integraded solution management software.

TV over IP or Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) represents today the most efficient way of distributing TV signals.   IPTV uses structured  UTP Cat5/Cat6 and/or fiber  network instead of the coaxial TV network . With IPTV all TV channels are converted to digital format and are streamed into the network in digital format with a particular form of transmission known as IP multicasting.
IPTV provides interactive facilities and it is adopted by Nation Wide Cable TV companies as well as PAY TV System Companies for Hotel Entertainment Systems with VOD, E news, E shops, E concierge etc.

IPTV has several advantages
  • High Definition TV channels
  • Unlimited number of channels
  • Highest TV quality  
  • Interactive menu system
  • Future proof  TV infrastructure
  • Cost effective for a new build
  • Added value services.
  • VOD 

To receive the IPTV signals a Set Top Box (STP) is required at each TV outlet socket which converts the signals into known A/V format. Each provider uses different equipment and software and consequently each provider has a unique  STP box to suit the specific system.

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